Activate SBI Mobile Banking Online Registration With Mobile Number

SBI Mobile Banking Online Registration and SBI Debit card activation with your register mobile number : Wouldn’t it be more appropriate and secure if you could receive all the updates for your Bank Account right at your phone. Well, this is a very important step today,  there are being a lot of cases nowadays in bank theft and you don’t ever get to know it. So just to add a secure layer over your bank account, lets get your mobile number registered with your bank account, shall we?

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How To Register Mobile Number In SBI Internet Banking Site

Just follow the steps given below and you will get your number registered with your bank account in no time.

In order to get started, you will have to fill the form that is shown below and submit it your SBI branch.

Steps To Activate SBI Freedom Through Internet Banking

Step 1) Firstly, you will have to send an SMS from your mobile which is connected to your SBI account.

MBSREG to 9223440000 or 567676

Then you will receive an SMS which will provide you a User ID and MPIN.

Step 2) Now download and install SBI Freedom app:

Step 3) Open SBI Freedom app , tap on “Already have UserId and default MPIN” and enter your Userid & MPIN which you received from SBI.

Step 4) Now you are required to change your MPIN to your desired MPIN. Earlier what you received was kind of like a placeholder, their default MPIN. Now change your MPIN to whatever you prefer.

MPIN Criteria – (6 character including alphabets, numbers & Special characters)

Step 5) In this step , we are required to activate the app, Now your mobile part of activating the SBI Mobile Banking / SBI Freedom app is completed.

Step 6) Visit your SBI ATM near to you, swipe your ATM card and your ATM PIN Number.

Step 7) Select “Mobile Banking“.

Step 8) Select “Register Mobile Number” and click yes.

Step 9) Enter your 10 digit mobile number and confirm the mobile number.  Enter your 10 digit mobile number and confirm the mobile number. If your mobile number gets displayed on the ATM screen confirm it and get the slip from the ATM.

Step 10) You will get the message on your ATM Machine depicting your success saying that your mobile banking registration process is complete and you can use all the services offered under mobile banking.

So this was all about it guys. By now , if you have followed all the above steps , you might have got your mobile number registered with net banking and you are allowed to use all their features and now you have a secure SBI Bank account.

If you have any queries or you are stuck in any of the steps provided above , you can contact SBI customer care . Here is the customer care number : 1800 180 1290

Contact them and they will most likely solve your problem.

Still if you cant figure it out, comment down below and we would be more than happy to help you.

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